Price Per Sq Ft…. The Starbucks model.

I need to make this clear. This is not my blog post however it was written by a great friend and appraiser peer Ryan Lundquist in Sacramento CA. He is the writer of the Sacramento Appraisal Blog that is more location driven but sometimes he puts out things that just need to be shared on …

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The Tax Assessor/Records Are NOT Always Accurate

    As an appraiser of 16 yrs 11 of them here in Atlanta one of the most frustrating things to deal with is incorrect MLS Data representing the overall Home Livable Sq Footage or GLA (Gross Living Area). Why is this so frustrating? Most if not all Agents use tax assessor data in their …

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Appraising Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline with logo

ATLANTA GA HOME VALUATION: LOCATION Appraising properties in Atlanta GA is not as easy as some may think. While the practices of appraising are all the same no matter what area you are in, the locations within the city present different obstacles and challenges for appraisers.   Let’s take a look as to why. Different …

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