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Measurements And Square Footage Calculations

The actual size of a home, and most importantly its Gross Living Area (GLA), is typically the most vital characteristic of residential real estate with square footage of a home having the largest impact on value. It’s no wonder that misrepresentation of a home’s size, accidental or otherwise, is the number one reason for residential real estate lawsuits. Unfortunately many Realtors rely upon county tax data for square footage of a home; (see our blog: The Tax Assessor/Records are NOT always accurate) this data is often inaccurate and can be a poor source for determining a home’s actual size. At What’s It Worth Appraisal Services, we can work with homeowners and Realtors to determine actual Gross Living Area, Total Building Area and the Area of Additional Structures that may be on the property. Our appraisers use advanced technology to construct an accurate interpretation of your home’s actual size. There are also many rules and restrictions to how a home can be measured and what exactly qualifies as “living space” vs. what is “non-livable space”. Because of these rules, additions, conversions and other changes made to a home can affect your total living area differently than you may think.

Why Choose Us? We are Certified Real Estate Appraisers with Emphasis on Accuracy, Limiting Your Liability.

Our measurements and square footage calculations follow ANSI Standards, the accepted method used by appraisers and we understand the home listing and sales processes.

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