Residential Real Estate Appraisal Services

We are a full service residential real estate appraisal company in Marietta Ga ready to help guide you and create an unbiased Appraisal Report to fit your needs.  All of our real estate appraisals are prepared by a Certified real estate appraiser with many years of experience. education and knowledge.

You need a company with experience

 For 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to give our clients the utmost satisfaction and a product they can depend upon.  Over the years we have taken countless hours of education to stay on top of our profession and provide top notch real estate appraisals. We belong to numerous publications and groups, as well as engaging with other area appraisers to elevate or business.  All of this allows us to stay on top of the issues, learn new tools and utilize them to keep creating the best product we can for you.  Whether you need an appraisal for a purchase, a divorce, a tax appeal, current home value or any other reason, we have you covered.

You need a company that cares

One of our primary objectives is to protect the public trust and protect the consumer.

With our passion for the profession, our guidance, and knowledge, we tailor each appraisal report to fit the specific needs of our clients and customers. We know each client or customer has their own story, their own circumstances, their own challenges and with our guidance and our experience you can be sure you are getting a well thought out product.  We value our customers and want you to value us.


Having a Real Estate Appraisal performed is not as easy as just looking online. There is a process. If you assume that looking online at any of the numerous online sites that claim to give you a value estimate is accurate, Think again. We at What’s  it Worth Appraisal Services have outlined the process below for you:

1)  Contact us so that we can determine your need and the scope of work that will be required.

2) Log in via our  “ order an appraisal as a guest (homeowner, private party, realtor) or Client (for recurring ordering) and enter all details on the assignment via the order form. This ensures we have all details needed    (This order form platform  will allow you to follow our progress on your order)

3)  Set up an appointment for the physical inspection of the home so that we can begin the process of data collection. This is not similar to a home inspection rather a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home for the appraiser to obtain all the information needed to begin the report.

4)  Research & Analysis:  Once we have completed the inspection we will then begin the Research and Analysis of the market and all other items that will pertain to your need.  This includes market conditions, location, GLA, sales within the area, external factors, motivations, and more.

5)  Completion of Report and Delivery via Email or our embedded order link.   Once we have completed your report we will deliver it via Email in a PDF format or send you a link to your report whichever you prefer.

6)  Post delivery follow up.  This allows us to answer any questions you may have regarding the report.


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